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White Label App Branding

What app branding provides#

Branding allows to customize whitelabel application for you using colors, fonts, logo and images that comply with your corporate rules (that described in your company's brand book, for example).

What we need for branding#

Way 1. If you have own brandbook guide#

In order to brand the application for a specific company, we can rely on the company's brand book, which contains a set of corporate rules and instructions for designing the application. Your brand book may include a description of what fonts and sizes should be used for various menus and items of application, and what colors are needed to design application pages and texts. And also the logo.

Way 2. We can prepare design ourselves#

If your company has not prepared a brand book, we can design the application ourselves, based on information about the your's web-site. We will select colors, prepare application icons and images that will be used on pages within the application. In this case, you should provide us with the name of the application.

Way 3. If you don't have a brand book but want to design layouts#

If you don't have a brandbook but has requirements for colors and fonts which you can provide us in layouts, then we can go this combined way. You will send us your layouts with explanations, to describe the requirements for the color scheme of the application, the size of texts, menu items, requirements for fonts. Also, this list may include layouts for onboarding pages (see in paragraph "Onboarding page customisation") that the users will see before logging in.

What can we brand#

Apps branding#

We can brand mobile applications (for Android & iOS), a web interface for working with the service via a web browser, desktop applications (for Windows & MacOS)

Your web pages integration#

We can integrate your's web pages into the application for displaying through the web view. This can be an authorization page, a page with subscriptions, other pages that you consider necessary.

Native authorization page design#

Instead of showing authorization through the web view, we can implement a native option for displaying authorization in the application.

Onboarding pages customisation#

We can change the onboarding screens according to your's layouts. You can see an example of onboarding screens in the following screenshots:

Other app illustrations#

It is better to leave all other illustrations inside the application from our design to further support them independently during design updates, adding new menu items or screens.