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Deleted Contacts

The recovery process allows you to restore contacts that are marked as deleted. You can learn more about deleted contacts in the manual.

Fetch Deleted Contacts#

The first step is to get a list of deleted contacts (ContactItem) by calling:

val disposable = CompositeDisposable()val deletedContacts = listOf<ContactItem>()
disposable += ContactManager.recoverProcessor.getDeletedContacts()    .observeOn(AndroidSchedulers.mainThread())    .subscribeBy(        onSuccess = {            deletedContacts = it        },        onError = {            Log.e(TAG, "getContacts> error:", it)        }    )

Begin Recovering#

To recover deleted contacts, you need to call:


The parameter deletedContacts is a list of deleted contacts obtained in the previous step.

To cancel recover, you need to call:


To track the status of a recover, you can subscribe to an observable by calling getRecoverStateObservable:

val disposable = CompositeDisposable()
disposable += ContactManager.recoverProcessor.getRecoverStateObservable()    .observeOn(AndroidSchedulers.mainThread())    .subscribe { recoverState ->        when (recoverState) {            is RecoverProcessor.RecoverState.None -> {}            is RecoverProcessor.RecoverState.Processing -> {}            is RecoverProcessor.RecoverState.Succeeded -> {}            is RecoverProcessor.RecoverState.Failed -> {}        }    }

The getRecoverStateObservable method emits the following state objects from the RestoreProcessor.RestoreState object:

  • None - rest status;
  • Processing - processing status with progress progress: Float and status of the restore process recoverStep: RecoverStep variables.
    • The enum RecoverStep has the following values:
      • ADDING - creating contacts on the device. It has a measurable progress: 0..1.
      • COLLECTING - collection of local contacts from the device. It has a measurable progress: 0..1.
      • UPLOADING - uploading update to backend. The progress is indeterminate = -1.
      • PROCESSING - processing update on backend. The progress is indeterminate = -1.
  • Succeeded - successful completion of the backup.
  • Failed - error state, contains throwable: Throwable.