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Cloudike allows you to back up all photos, files and contacts from user Android or iOS devices and store them in the cloud. With Cloudike, your customers can use mobile apps to manage all the content stored in the cloud and restore lost data easily. Just check out what you can do with Cloudike:

Back up Contacts on user iOS and Android Devices#

Out of all the data that kept on Android ot iOS phone, a phonebook is perhaps the most important. To ensure that important email addresses and phone numbers can always be accessed, one should back up contact data from Android or iOS device and store it in a secure place. With the help of Cloudike, user contacts from Android or iOS phone can be backed up to user PC or the cloud in minutes.

Back up Android and iOS Photos and Files#

Most modern Android and iOS phones include cameras that allow users to snap high-quality photos. There's some free storage that Google and Apple provide to store photos online. However, it may not be enough if a lot of pictures are taken. Hence, when photos are saved for archival purposes, Cloudike can back up pictures from Android or iOS device automatically in the background mode and store them either on customer's PC and securely in the cloud. The storing photos separate from customer's Google or Apple account looks more secure and has more benefits.