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Use the following code example to find files and folders whose names contain a given string.

var disposable: Disposable? = nullvar searchPath = SELECTED_PATH // search root path
// 1. Create subject that connected to search edit text listener.var queryStringSource: Subject<String> = BehaviorSubject.createDefault("")
// 2. Connect subject to search edit text listener.private val searchQueryListener: SearchView.OnQueryTextListener =        object : SearchView.OnQueryTextListener {
    // Each time user enters the text, edit text listener calls subject.onNext() and    // observable returned by search method will emit new list of file items.              override fun onQueryTextSubmit(query: String): Boolean {        queryStringSource.onNext(query)        return false    }
    override fun onQueryTextChange(newText: String): Boolean {        queryStringSource.onNext(newText)        return false    }}
// ...
// 3. Call search with that subject as queryStringSource and subscribe on returned observable that emits result of search.disposable =, searchPath)        .subscribe { // it: List<FileItem>!            // Update your recycler view adapter with received list.        }
// You must call dispose() on disposable that returned by subscribe() method,// when it no longer needed, for example in your fragment’s onStop() or onPause().disposable?.dispose()

Links - FileTreeBrowser, FileItem.