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Cloudike Announces Integration with Dropbox

· One min read
Sergey Razin
Python Developer, ASDTech

Cloudike Announces Integration with Dropbox#

The Dropbox Integration feature is designed for Cloudike users who have Dropbox accounts. The purpose of this feature is to automatically transfer files from the Dropbox account into the Cloudike account.

Using the Dropbox Integration feature user can:

  • Link the Dropbox account to the Cloudike account to transfer data
  • Migrate all data from Dropbox to Cloudike by one click. After the migration is complete, all files are located in the special folder in the Files section.
  • Sync very large volumes of data from Dropbox quickly and securely any time
  • Backup Dropbox data using Cloudike to make sure data is saved properly
  • Receive an app push notification once files from Dropbox to Cloudike are migrated
  • Apply all Cloudike features for migrated content