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Cloudike Brief Overview

Cloudike is a personal cloud storage service that is used for data backup and access to files stored in the cloud on mobile devices and desktop computers. The storage is also used for sharing and collaboration with colleagues and friends.

Cloud storage is a storage that is not hosted locally. The data is stored on the hard drive of a remote server farm instead of the memory of a mobile phone or a home computer. The stored information can be accessed not only from mobile devices but also from all user’s computers that have Cloudike installed via desktop application (PC client) or Cloudike web interface. Instead of downloading full copies of your photos from other devices, the mobile apps simply provide online previews of what you've stored in Cloudike's cloud. So, your smartphone's storage won't be swamped if you have thousands of photos and videos on your home PC.

The main benefit is that the Cloudike app automatically backs up camera photos and videos from Android and iPhone devices. Any file saved to Cloudike will also automatically become available on all computers and phones of the user and even the Cloudike website. It syncs files across all your devices, and let’s you easily share those files and collaborate in the cloud. There are 3 ways to access your account: the mobile app, the desktop app, and the Cloudike website. To get the most from Cloudike, install the apps on your phone, tablet, and computer.

Cloudike lets you save your important contacts, photos, videos, music and documents all in one place. Access your files from multiple devices including your mobile phone, tablet and computer, and easily transfer them to new compatible devices. This guide contains instructions for using Cloudike.